About Us

CAMP – Community Aiding Marginalized People is a community started in 2019. 

OUR COMMUNITY  has a desire to share and give knowledge, time and resources to each other to find solutions to our problems and the problems of others in our community.

We believe in kindness, sharing, education and intersectionality. 

We recognise a need for connection in the community. A need or safe spaces outside of any faith that offer support without judgement.

We are a queer led community of artists that have the space to offer and the passion to bring us together.

This is your club house. A space for you by you. 

Book a space to meet and work on projects, problems and solutions or to hold events and groups. We have planned workshops, community meeting space, kids birthday parties and Tot Time – parents and kids groups run by our team.

Do you have a skill to teach others and pass on?
Always wanted to run or attend a support or interest group?
Want to share stories of your culture with the latest generation?
Host your podcast fan club listening party?
Want to change the world for the better?

Ask yourself “Wouldn’t it be great if…?” and let us help you find your way there.


Fresh Fritters Campaign

  • not-for-profit setup and registration
  • accounting set up,
  • web & digital community development
  • organising and running events to connect isolated or marginalised people in the community.


Camp Clubhouse is a small beginning for a much bigger idea.

The not-for-profit hub will be owned by CAMP.vision – a co-op which requires its shareholding members to fulfil a minimum monthly time donation to help & further the community. Anyone can become a full member of the co-op.

Why time? In a world where money is shared so unequally across the population we see time as the true leveller. We all have as much as each other and ultimately it is you who decides what you do with your time. Not only that, but what you’re capable of doing and capable of giving.

CAMP.vision wants to employ people and own assets in order to provide services to members of the co-op and fund its operations.

CAMP.vision can exist worldwide in a digital space where people can connect with each other and ask “wouldn’t it be great it…?”. A social community where volunteers and members work on solving problems raised by the community. This could be as simple as helping someone move house or as complicated as implementing an independent sustainable energy solution (dream big!)

Secondly, CAMP. vision can enter the physical space in the community with a clubhouse. It’s a great first step for a community to place a physical stake in a location. A clubhouse’s purpose is to serve the community and connect people to CAMP.vision.

Over the last few years we have been constantly been bombarded with news of failing businesses of all sizes for a multitude of reasons. Small business in particular has really felt the struggle. The retail landscape has changed beyond recognition and it’s likely to keep getting harder for local traders and providers to make ends meet. Established clubhouse communities could help in these situations by buying a struggling business, repurposing it for the community needs and employing the previous business owners on a wage.