We are closing.

To our community, friends and supporters both old and new,

We have some big news… 

This week Teddy had some rather unfortunate news that has significantly changed their circumstances. In response to this Teddy has decided to close CAMP/Crafternoon at the end of this month (31st March).

Crafternoon has been an amazing experience over the last seven years and we are heartbroken to be closing our store. We would not have made it through this time without the unwavering support of you, our beloved community of creative, loving humans who want to fill the world with brilliant art.

Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your creativity. Thank you for your ideas.

Thank you for sharing so many of your important moments with us.

We would love to see you at the shop at least once more before we close to share a coffee, make some art and have a great time. We are more than happy to share hugs, stories and maybe a few tears with you over the next few weeks. 


We would love to see you between now and March 31st (our last day!)

2-for-1 craft sides including trinket boxes, plaster pets, jigsaws and fans
2-for-1 scratch craft
2-for-1 foam craft kits including foam sticker puzzles, sew bags and desk caddys
50% off Frozen headpieces
FREE leadlight with ever craft pass
FREE hugs, cries, well wishes and smiles.

THE DAY TO DAY Open 7 days from 9 am
and into the evening for drop in coffee, snacks and art anytime.

Book space to meet and work on projects, problems and solutions. We have planned workshops, community meeting space, kids birthday parties and Tot Time – parents and kids groups run by our team.

OUR COMMUNITY has a desire to share and give knowledge, time & resources to each other to find solutions to our problems and the problems of others in our community. We believe in kindness, sharing, education and intersectionality.

If you have ever found yourself saying “wouldn’t it be great if…?” come and tell us.

CAMP has big plans for the future. We want to hear your needs, desires and ideas. Most importantly, we want to help you achieve it.

This is where we are starting.

Where we end up is up to you!

Do you have a skill to teach others or pass on?
Always wanted to run or attend a support group?
Want to share stories of your culture with the latest generation? Host your podcast fan club listening party?

Want to change the world for the better?

Ask yourself “wouldn’t it be great if?” and let us help you find your way there.

718 Sydney Rd, Brunswick